Local Backup

Vault America Local Backup is ideal for customers with available storage capacity on their local LAN who require rapid disk-to-disk, seamless business continuity. Local Backup establishes a Local Backup Vault which enables you to save data processed by the Vault America Online Backup CS-Client locally, thereby ensuring that relevant backup sets are always available for immediate restoration at LAN speed.

Even though all data backed up offsite can be backed up locally providing an additional duplicate copy, Local Backup Vault is unique within the online backup industry since data saved locally does not also have to be stored offsite. This results in the ability to manage data by sending only critical data offsite and storing less-critical data locally. There is no charge for data that is backed up to the Local Backup Vault.

Since Vault America does not charge a license fee for the CS-Client online backup software and is not an appliance based solution you can utilize existing storage or purchase a low-cost USB drive to be used as the Local Backup Vault.

Vault America Local Backup:

  • Provides the ability to restore when there is no internet connection available
  • Displaces the manual tape backup process
  • Facilitates file storage locally at LAN speed enhancing restore speeds
  • Provides the perfect way to manage data growth
  • Does not require any additional software to be installed

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