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Designed for high performance backup and recovery, Vault America Online Backup protects your critical business data automatically at a secure offsite data center. Whether you are managing a small office or many servers, Vault America Online Backup provides the same ease-of-use and efficiency.

Reduce the time necessary to complete the backup process and utilize less bandwidth. Vault America Online Backup significantly reduces the amount of data transmitted, speeding up the backup process through data reduction technology inherent to the Vault America Online Backup software (CS-Client).

Vault America Online Backup Features & Benefits


The Vault America Online Backup software (CS-Client) requires a single installation and no additional software to be installed on any machines to enable backup.

In addition, the CS-Client does not have to install ‘plug-ins’ or other software programs to protect databases or email servers. While some of Vault America competitors require multiple installations per machine, Vault America uses the existing protocols and functionality which the operating system, email and database application vendors utilize within their own programs.

In-file De-duplication

In-file de-duplication is a capability of the Vault America Online Backup software (CS-Client) to keep one copy of content that multiple users or computers may share ensuring that the same data is never transmitted offsite. In-file De-duplication is a means to eliminate data duplication and to increase efficiency.

When the in-file de-duplication process finds identical files, it saves one copy of the file to a central repository called the Library. Each backup set where the common information resides will have a pointer to the stored versions.

Delta Blocking

After completion of the initial backup, the Vault America Online Backup software (CS-Client) will only process the actual changes to your data using our delta blocking technology.

Delta blocking technology reviews the existing data in variable sized smaller blocks, searching for changes in the data since the last backup. Only the changed blocks of a file are transmitted to complete a FULL backup. Delta blocking technology increases efficiency of the backup process increasing the speed of backups.


Compression decreases the size of the data being transmitted.

Bandwidth Throttling Control

If end-user bandwidth is limited, bandwidth throttling provides the ability to allocate specific bandwidth to the backup process preventing latency on the customer network. Vault America provides user-configured bandwidth throttling providing the ability to manage bandwidth utilization for individual back-up sets.

File Management

Exclude certain file types to more effectively manage corporate assets and eliminate end-user data that should not be backed up offsite. Create and apply pre-configured file selection templates for massive Vault America Online Backup software deployments.

Schedule Management

Unlimited scheduling capabilities allow you to customize and meet your individual retention requirements. Manage data by setting individual retention options per backup.

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