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Vault America Success Stories

Vault America enabled us to automatically backup our non-critical data onsite and secure our critical data offsite in the event of data loss, corruption, or natural disaster.

— Accounting Firm

Vault America has provided us with the ability to re-purpose internal resources that were once consumed with managing our tape backup process saving us time, money, and making us more efficient.

— Financial Institution

Now, we don’t have to manage the backup process, are able to adhere to HIPAA standards, and can rest assured that our data will be there when we need it.

— Healthcare Company

Vault America explained, recommended, and implemented the best way to protect our files, databases, and email.

— Retail Business

Vault America Online Backup protects our data in the cloud using the same software for servers, desktops, and laptops making it easy to administer and manage.

— Insurance Company

With one single install and no software license fees to pay for, Vault America has turned data backup a positive experience.

— Retail Business

Vault America is a professional organization with the depth, knowledge and expertise to provide the cloud storage solutions that make sense for our company.

— Financial Institution

Frustration over difficult to manage solutions and constantly changing pricing led us to switch to Vault America in 2017. After we made the change, we were surprised and pleased when it took only three weeks to completely lift and shift our customers to the Vault America solution. We also really appreciate that we’re able to buy bulk storage and carve it up among our clients, ensuring everyone has what they need, with no minimums per client. It makes it easier for us to manage, and more practical and cost-effective than having to buy data space per user or client. I always tell people two things about Vault America, it works and it’s easy to use—from setup to restore. You can’t ask for much more than that.”

— MSP Partner | Denise Joyce, Service Delivery Manager, Prosper Solutions

Vault America makes it simple for us to provide a critical service that all of our customers have been hearing about and want.

— Agent Partner

Vault America Cloud Storage is the perfect, simple to sell service which enables us to provide additional value to each and every one of our customers.

— Agent Partner

Being able to offer Vault America Online Backup and Email Archiving gives us the edge we were looking for over our competition. Best of all, Vault America makes it easy!

— Agent Partner

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