Data Restoration

If there is a loss of data, be it a single lost file or a complete loss of all data, the process to restore the information is simple and fast. The end user is instructed by the software to access the data and how to quickly place it back into the system. Vault America customer service department is available 24×7 for assistance if necessary.

Vault America Online Backup provides the customer multiple capabilities for restoring files:


From the same client used to create and manage backup sets, the user can select any number of folders or files to restore


Using the Client Web Operator, the user can sign in from any Web-accessible computer and restore files to that computer

Local Backup Vault

With a Local Backup Vault installation, the customer can use the Cloud Storage Client (CS-Client) to restore over their LAN at LAN speeds

  • Customer can hold data onsite as well as offsite for fast LAN-speed data restoration
  • Solves customers WAN concerns with online data backup

Offline (USB)

A customer can request a USB restore to be sent overnight to their location for large restores

The following scenarios allow for different procedures of data restoration:

Individual Files

By logging in to the Vault America CS-Client you can select a version of individual files for data restoration. In addition, the CS-Client provides the ability to search within backup sets for the location of individual files, directories or file extension.

Loss of Customer Server/PC

In the event of data loss on a non-CS Client machine you can quickly restore all lost data within a backup set to an alternate location on the network. The restore may be completed using the offsite data vault or the Local Backup Vault for faster downloads.

Loss of Customer Location

If the location in which the data resides becomes inaccessible Vault America can send the data to an alternate location. Upon request, Vault America can process the data on to a portable data vault and ship the device to an alternate location. The data will be shipped within its encrypted format and the encryption key will be required for the data restore process.

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