Online/ Cloud Backup Overview

Service Overview

Vault America Online/ Cloud Backup is a data backup and recovery service that safeguards critical business data at multiple data centers. Using the highest levels of compression and encryption available, Vault America enables businesses to automatically protect digital information and restore it anytime from any location. By choosing Vault America Online/ Cloud Backup, you will benefit from the best automated backup technology available, military-grade security, 24/7 access to your data and world-class customer support.

This business-class data backup service allows companies to automatically backup data locally and to a remote, offsite location over existing internet bandwidth. It is a powerful and easy-to-use solution designed to provide data protection to all businesses.

Only a single software installation per business location is required unlike competing solutions. There is no hardware appliance, software license, or additional bandwidth to pay for.

The automated service is built around a client software program, the CS-Client, which runs on a schedule once or multiple times a day. This program identifies new or changed data for backup, then compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the offsite Vault America datacenter storage facilities.

Whether you are managing a small office, many servers or remote laptop users, Vault America Online/ Cloud Backup provides the same ease-of-use and efficiency.

If there is a loss of data, be it a single lost file or a complete loss of all data, the process to restore the information is simple and fast. The end user is instructed by the software to access the data and how to quickly place it back into the system. The Vault America customer service department is available 24×7 for assistance if necessary.

Data loss can be the result of simply deleting a file by accident, a virus attack, corrupted data, disgruntled employees, stolen laptops, power outages, fires, floods or natural disasters.

Consider the following key points when evaluating data protection procedures:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Comprehensive data security
  • Fast data restoration
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Solution for critical application and distributed data
  • Ease of use

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