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Since 2004, Vault America has safeguarded customers’ data and their businesses with automated and scalable hybrid cloud data protection and availability services, aligned under our four product pillars: backup, recover, archive and discover.  Clients rely on Vault America’s solutions to solve their data backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, compliant email and data archiving, and information discovery challenges, whether they are a small business, a multi-national corporation or somewhere in between.  Vault America believes in delivering enterprise-grade performance and reliability without enterprise-level complexity and cost, because our customers’ data is invaluable regardless of the company’s size.


The ideal solution for businesses, large or small, Vault America Cloud Backup & Recovery is designed with simplicity in mind. Daily incremental backups of Windows, MAC OSX, and Linux OS servers, desktops, laptops, and tablets with customizable retentions, bare-metal recovery, and local backup without costly appliances.  Backup and restore files, folders, databases, and the system-image.  Pricing is based on compressed storage space and not on the number of accounts and or appliances.


Vault America Availability provides automated end-to-end DR, from auto-discovery to protection, test, fail-over, and fail-back.  It is a complete, on-demand DR solution for VMware based virtualized datacenters running v-Center.  Vault America Availability automatically, quickly, and simply sets up your cost optimized DR site/ replica of your data center in the cloud.  The policy capability then allows you to set business driven protection guidelines for all your applications and data.  Availability also protects businesses running in the cloud providing a secondary, dedicated, cost optimized DR site in another region of choice.


The perfect archiving solution for businesses that need to meet regulatory compliance requirements or need email securely archived and easily accessible with a service that’s fast and scalable. Emails are archived using the journal mailbox ensuring all emails are archived without fail.  Several features include advanced search and eDiscovery, alert creation, user access control management and attachment managers, and advanced reporting via insights.

Vault America Cloud Archive and Discovery for Microsoft Office 365 (O365: Email, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint), Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps/ G Suite/ Gmail, and all SMTP/ POP email systems.


Instantly find files on your network and across cloud drives with just a few keystrokes.  Data is growing rapidly and as businesses adopt cloud solutions files are now in cloud drives and on the local network, making them extremely difficult to keep track of and locate quickly.  Improve productivity and find information faster from all your data sources, while accessing it securely.  Break silos and avoid searching multiple times.

Simply connect your cloud drives (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) and Vault America HCS will find what you are looking for across your devices and other sources.  Identify objects in images or automatically extract tags from your text documents.  Search a few thousand or 100’s of millions of files in a fraction of a second through an intuitive interface.  As an additional level of privacy, your search index stays on your own devices and your files are never copied to the cloud unless you share them.

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