Technical Overview

Technology made simple for you and your team.

Whether your company is a large enterprise with an extensive technical staff or a small business with just one employee providing all your systems support, our solution can relieve unnecessary technical pressures through:

Automated email archiving

Works around the clock to monitor and store all inbound, outbound and internal email messages

Consolidation of pst files

Reduces the size of Microsoft Outlook Exchange databases and enhances performance

Centralized administration

Enables your organization to easily configure and manage email storage through the Cloud Control Console, our centralized Web-based administrative interface

Health monitoring

Provides on-going status information for each active mail source, helping administrators to identify and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Transport and storage encryption

Messages are transported securely via TLS or SSL, and are stored using 256-bit encryption

Outlook 2003/2007 integration

Authorized users with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 can search for, view and save copies of archived messages directly through their Outlook email client

Tamperproof read-only storage

Messages and message metadata are protected in their original state

Dual data centers

Eliminates the threat of a single point of failure, ensuring that no message is ever lost

Automatic quality verification

Verifies that stored message copies are identical to the originals

Dual commit message capture

Messages aren’t deleted from your email server until accurate copies have been made and verified

Auditable message serialization

Adds a unique numeric identifier to each message to comply with SEC requirements that prohibit tampering or deletion of messages

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