Features & Benefits

With the Vault America Email Archiving service, your business will benefit from the following features:

Managed storage

Vault America Email Archiving is available with no pre-set storage limits, and requires no additional on-premises software or hardware integration

End-user support

Enables users to review their own archived messages without requiring assistance from over-burdened IT staff

Advanced search options

Provides authorized staff members with quick, accurate search capabilities for retrieval archived messages, based on search criteria that include message headers, subject, body content, attachments and common fields such as Sender, Recipient and Date. Authorized staff can choose to initiate a search via simple, advanced, or Archive ID search interfaces

Definable retention

Allows businesses to dictate how long messages will be retained in the archive based on legal and regulatory requirements. Customers can choose 1, 3, 5 or 7 years of retention, and can also opt for Historical Data Storage

Transactional data acquisition

Provides near real-time archiving and rapid message retrieval, as opposed to delayed point-in-time snapshot back-ups

Parallel Search Technology

Enables efficient multi-tasking through the intuitive Cloud Control Console, which is designed to improve workflow and results. Administrators can view search parameters and results conveniently on one screen

Legal Hold

Enables customers to retain archived messages past their expiration dates in order to comply with their legal preservation needs

Saved searches

Reduces overhead by retaining search parameters for later use

Historical data storage

Allows businesses to conveniently store previous email data securely off site. All historical data is indexed to enable rapid search and retrieval

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