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From enterprise-sized corporations, to simple home-based businesses, all companies have information that is important to their success and that needs to be protected. Data storage and protection is a necessary part of doing business today. That is why Vault America offers you the leading Cloud Storage technology available in data protection: Vault America Online Backup and Vault America Email Archiving.

Vault America Online Backup and Vault America Email Archiving are “next-generation” data backup, archiving, and recovery services now available to all segments of the business community. Our online backup and email archiving services eliminate the need for any equipment purchases or license fees. You simply pay for the space used to store your data or the number of mailboxes archived.

Vault America Cloud Storage has proven to be the most reliable and simple way to protect your data. You determine the schedule and the software will automatically perform the backup. The company data is stored safely offsite and is easily retrievable in the event of a loss or total disaster.

Vault America is committed to delivering superior data backup, recovery, and message archiving services with the highest levels of security and encryption. We offer some of the highest encryption options in the industry. In addition, our secure data vaults are housed in premier datacenter facilities which maintain 99.999% power and internet bandwidth availability. By eliminating your risk, Vault America guarantees you the best data protection services available.

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