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A Message from the CEO—Zak Karsan

Running a business is difficult on many levels, but in today’s marketplace, outside forces such as cyber attacks and complex compliance regulations are making it even more challenging. With hundreds of organizations effected by a cyber incident every day—the cost of lost data and disruption to operations averages more than $2 million—the impact is staggering.

At Vault America, we understand that business continuity has taken on new levels of urgency for businesses of all sizes and types. Offering comprehensive data protection, data security and data availability services—all purpose-built with integrated compliance support—is one of the largest and most impactful technology opportunities today—and it’s not going away.

We’re committed to creating new revenue opportunities for our partners by delivering the right solutions to address their clients’ crucial business continuity needs—a win for everyone. We’re also diligent in educating our partners about the risk landscape as they strive to fully protect their customers.

To achieve that, Vault America has built a solid, straighforward, no-risk channel program for partners that pairs high profit margins and low financial exposure with expert guidance and support at each step of the sales and implementation cycles.

As a business owner, I know the idea of a threat that can wipe out a business and its data, or even one that interrupts service to customers, is the type of risk that keeps company executives awake at night.

We work with our partners to make sure your clients are safe and secure with essential data protected at that highest level, while still accessible in the event of a disaster. And, if that worst-case scenario becomes a reality, we will work side-by-side with you to ensure a quick recovery that allows your customers to get quickly back to business as normal.

Vault America is proud to protect and secure data for businesses hand-in-hand with our partners. We appreciate your trust in us and thank you for your partnership.

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