Building a Stronger Business with Cloud Backup

It’s easy to take business tools for granted. Much like we expect electricity when we flip the switch on the wall, we give little thought to our business files and technology being accessible. It’s our expectation that they’ll be there every single day. For IT providers, that nonchalance often creates a hurdle when it comes to convincing customers to take steps to protect their business data from threats—hackers, natural disasters, power outages … just to name a few.

But survey after survey reveal that a disaster—natural or manmade—can wreak havoc on a business. FEMA statistics show that more than 40% of SMBs never reopen their doors after a disaster. According to a recent study by Spiceworks, 45% of respondents said their business had gone through data loss and 14% never recovered that lost data, costing them money and customers.

Backup and recovery is essential to avoiding that type of business setback—and one of Vault America’s four data protection pillars. That singular step of creating an archive that can quickly be called into action at any time is the difference between a business’ quick recovery from an outage or loss and no recovery at all.

Whether your clients are global enterprise or SMBs, their data is the backbone of their business. It’s the switch on the wall that they take for granted, and someday, it will be missing or filled with gaps. Our solution is scalable, fast and simple to provision, enabling you to offer your customers the stability of backup at an affordable price point. Whether you need to restore a single missing file or a client’s entire system, we have to capability to protect and recover that data.

Vault America Cloud Backup and Recovery is designed with simplicity in mind. Daily incremental backups across all operating systems, platforms and devices include customizable retention configurations, bare-metal recovery and local backup without costly appliances. IT providers can backup files, folders, databases, and the system image locally as well as to the cloud, quickly restoring that data after a business disruption.

For added flexibility, Vault America offers multiple ways to restore information. MSPs can offer customers recovery for stand-alone or networked servers or devices; opt to do a local restore to recover information over the LAN; restore information from the cloud to its original or an alternate location; or even ask Vault America for a restore device for larger operations.

We understand the challenge of articulating the value of a solution such as cloud backup and recovery when a business decision maker has never experienced a loss. Everyone assumes it will never happen to them. To help with that, we work to enable our partners to discuss data protection and availability in four steps aligned to the four pillars of protection we provide, showcasing each opportunity for value geared to keep businesses of all sizes operating steadily and safely.

In our next blog, we’ll share tips and resources to help you provide additional disaster preparedness value to customers.

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