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Vault America offers fast and reliable data protection. In the case of data loss or disaster, it is imperative that you have a speedy and guaranteed method to recover your data. Whether you are restoring a single file, your entire system, or archiving messages to meet regulatory compliance, Vault America Cloud Storage is the best solution available.

In addition, Vault America provides an easy way for businesses to sync and share important data across multiple platforms, map a drive and enable file server access in the cloud, while keeping security a top priority.

We believe in a hybrid approach to data protection enabling customers to not only protect data onsite and in the cloud, but to protect data that is in the cloud from the start, ie. cloud to cloud data protection.  Vault America provides data protection solutions for companies that have migrated certain applications to the cloud or who are ‘born in the cloud’ and using hosted/ cloud-based services such as hosted email (Google Apps Email), office applications (Microsoft Office 365), or virtual private servers.


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